Orchard Pig cans and 5ltr kegs


We’ve created the first cans for Somerset cider maker Orchard Pig. The new Reveller cans champion Orchard Pig’s well trotted path of disrupting the cider market, so there’s not a tree or apple in sight!

As well as capturing the distinct personality of the brand the key to the brief was to ‘bold up the blue’ to achieve maximum shelf stand out amongst the other ciders and tie in with the Reveller bottled and Reveller draft offerings.

We’ve also worked closely with Manifest, who are lead the PR launch, to design and build a giant catapult – yep that’s right we were asked to design and build a giant catapult – and the cans were quite literally launched from the West Country orchard to London with the campaign #CatapultMyCan

Following on from the can’s success we’ve also created the seasonal 5 ltr kegs.